We Build Digital Success Stories.

Our Reason For Being

GrowedIn’s drive is fuelled by its desire to serve its clients the best-ever industry experience of social media management. It places respect, trust, and time above everything else. This indicates Three Promises.
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We make your ambition ours and leverage our skill, knowledge, and resources to help you race to your goal.
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We will always hold your hand throughout your journey and make sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.
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We promise to put our best foot forward and respect every minute you give to us, returning more than we take.

We strive to be our best for us.
We strive to be our best for you.

Our constant focus is on identifying world-class leaders, building them a scalable digital personal brand, and supporting them in their vision of creating life-long global impact.

Our Wall of Fame

By 2034, we aim to have helped 100 leaders become the very best LinkedIn personalities that the world has ever known.
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Our Progress
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100 Best-in-Class Profiles
100 Best-in-Class Profiles

Growedin's History


GrowedIn stands at a proud milestone in its journey with 10 ambitious team members and trusting clients who have benefitted from growing their digital identities organically on LinkedIn. In 2024, we are more focused than ever before on helping individuals and businesses get the best out of their LinkedIn accounts.

5th Apr 2021

It all started when Keyur, the Founder, began creating content on LinkedIn and observing audience and algorithmic patterns. He consistently analysed engagement and networking strategies and learned how to grow his reputation online.

Apr 2021
30th JUN, 2021

Within 3 months, Keyur went from 400 dead connections to an actively engaged, well-knit community of 7000 followers. He gave his first workshop on LinkedIn branding to an audience hosted by Justin Welsh himself. Not much later, Keyur received his first-ever inbound paid professional gig for LinkedIn personal branding and growth.

Jun 2021
30th OCT, 2021

Having touched 15k followers by this time, Keyur launched his LinkedIn Mastery course. Through this, he taught over 40 students how to build, nurture, and sustain their personal brands on LinkedIn. That’s also when he thought of a venture to help leaders gain command over their digital presence for improved business growth.

Oct 2021
17th DEC, 2021

GrowedIn Enterprises LLP was established with the vision of transforming as many lives and businesses as possible through strong LinkedIn branding and growth formulae. We ran completely on inbound leads and the support of a few clients who showed their trust and confidence in us. From here on, the ride only went up.

Dec 2021
7th JUN, 2023

This was one of the most important days in GrowedIn’s journey – Keyur realized that real growth on LinkedIn only came from authority branding and thought leadership, and not from a false sense of achievement coming from increased likes or followers. He realized that the true numbers to work on were inbound leads generated, meaningful conversations created, and genuine connections made.

Jun 2023
12th JUL, 2023

We at GrowedIn decided to pivot from chasing materialistic numbers like followers and focus instead on real business-fuelling growth. We began strategizing systems and processes to create brand longevity, reputational development, and relationship management.

Jul 2023
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Our Core Values

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Respect as a spectrum forms the basis of GrowedIn’s working structure.

Respect is adhering to promised timelines, being flexible to discuss feedback, and paying attention to every minute requirement. Respect is to understand the client in and out and to serve them in the best manner without flaw.

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Timeliness is our equivalent of discipline. Every minute matters and every second counts. That’s why we always make sure to join meetings within the minute and deliver promises on time. We prioritise regard to time just as much as we do to quality.



Executional excellence lies in our hearts. To survive in this creative field, we love to stay ahead of the rest and aim for the extraordinary – great isn’t good enough. We are updated with trends, insights, and subject matter news to keep you at your best.

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Connectivity is how we show each other that we care for and respect each other’s work, time, and energy. In case of unexpected delays, challenges, or oversight, we make sure that we communicate the same proactively to every person in the loop. Never wait and never keep one waiting.

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Growth is hard, but mediocrity is harder. Growth is fun, but mediocrity is frustrating. We believe that our workplace is more than just employment. It’s a source of inspiration for each of us to grow personally. Looking back 6 months, no one should be at the same spot. We grow, not just at our jobs but also in our lives.



Notability is our motto. We are proud of our human brains and vow to use our mental capabilities only for ideation and progress, not for storing information that can be noted down for the better. Not only that, we thus leave no room for forgettability.



Truth and trust bring triumph. At the core of our operations lies the idea of trust driving the entire engine. This means that we always deliver what we promised and we prove what we stand for. Immorality isn’t even near our books.

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Our Leadership

Keyur Kumbhare

Founder & CEO

Sham Srinivas


Rohit Onkar

Strategic Advisor

Core Team

Shivanshi Saxena

Head of Operations

Aditi Negi

Senior LinkedIn Copywriter

Swaifa Haque

Head of Administration

Suraj Kandlakunta

Senior Designer

Our Clients Have Worked At

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Never Worry About Your Digital Reputation Again

It’s simple - We don’t believe in “more likes” or “more followers”. For us, social media isn’t all about trends and selfies.
We’re here to generate real value.
For us, it is about telling stories.
For us, it is about connecting to real, relevant leaders.
For us, it is about cultivating conversations that fuel purpose and growth.
We’re here to bring about a complete reform in the world of digital marketing.
We believe that the future of business growth strategising will be online brand reputation management, and that’s where we step in. The entire world could be your client if you know how to reach every corner of it. And we leverage LinkedIn to help you do that with just a click.
We want to make CEOs proud. We want to make CEOs known.
We want to share their passion with the world, one step at a time.

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Business begins with trust. Trust is built with reputation. Let’s explore what reputation-driven business growth can mean to your business.