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We’re a young, fast-moving, lean team of people hungry for growth. If you want to build your dream life, join us. If you want to be micromanaged, don’t.

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Our top-clients come from a variety of industry backgrounds. GrowedIn understands their needs and delivers exactly what they want.

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How Can You Join Us?

Our recruitment process is a whole experience in itself. You get to know us, judge our work and culture, and freely decide if a certain role is for you. Meanwhile, we show you what we do, how much fun we have, and why we all follow our hearts here!
P.S. At no step will you be left wondering about your status. We believe in concrete responses and constructive feedback. Irrespective of selection, we ensure that we make the whole process a gentle experience for you. We will never leave you hanging.

Spot Us On LinkedIn

All job applications are announced on LinkedIn, through our company page as well as the profiles of relevant team members. You can also keep an eye out for updates on this webpage. This will be a comprehensive handout with the exact listings of the job role, the compensation and benefits, the overall team involvement, and the work expectations.

50% Shortlisted

Fill In The Applicant Form

Not just any other application, this will be a place to pour your heart out. According to the job role, you will be submitting a form that tells us about you and why you are the best person we can ever meet for the same. This is your golden chance to be a super-selection.

27% Shortlisted

Hop on a Quick Call

A telephonic interaction will follow. Our team will contact you, get to know your fluency in the language, and accordingly shortlist you for the next round. Mainly, this interaction will be to understand your verbal proficiency, listening skills, and confidence.

18% Shortlisted

Welcome to The Interview

The first interview round will be with the hiring manager. Here, we will assess you as a professional candidate, judge your technical knowledge, and try to see if you are fit for the role. But this interview will mean more to you than to us – you can determine if we are a good culture fit for you, if you wish to work with people like us, and if our company is worthy of your contribution.

8% Shortlisted

Reach the Final Stage

Finally, our Founder will meet you for a chat so that he can make the ultimate decision without hesitation. Get to know him well and see if your values align with his and the company’s. Post-interview, you can work on all the feedback that you would have received thus far; and within 48 hours, we reveal the results.

2% Shortlisted
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Our Core Values

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Respect is the foundation of our culture at GrowedIn.

Respect is adhering to promised timelines, being flexible to discuss feedback, and paying attention to every minute requirement. Respect is to understand the client in and out and to serve them in the best manner without flaw.

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Timeliness is our equivalent of consideration and compassion when it comes to our team. We give you 2 promises: For one, never is any team member ever contacted for work beyond their working hours, come what may. Second, never is any meeting host ever kept waiting; we join and end meetings on the dot.



Executional excellence lies in our hearts. For us, just great isn’t good enough. We all believe in going beyond just professional satisfaction. We walk the extra mile, get to know the client better, stay updated with industry trends, work on our own profiles, and actively brainstorm during analysis meetings. We give it our all.

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Connectivity is how we show each other that we care for and respect each other’s work, time, and energy. In case of unexpected delays, challenges, or oversight, we make sure that we communicate the same proactively to every person in the loop. Never wait and never keep one waiting.

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Growth with us is natural and desirable. We believe that our workplace is more than just employment. It’s a source of inspiration for each of us to grow personally. Looking back 6 months, no one should be in the same spot. That’s why we ensure the creation of a positive and productive work environment always.



As humans, our strength lies in ideation, not memory retention. Utilise efficient systems such as calendars, to-do lists, and note-taking tools to facilitate seamless and organised workflow.



Each one of us here is a high-value human with superbrain capacities for ideation and growth. It won’t be fair to us if all our brains have to do is store boring data that can be either recorded or written down. That’s why notability is our working motto.

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Our Working Culture

At GrowedIn, there’s one thing we can promise you for sure – that you’re going to have fun growing. Here are our 6 best concepts:


No Meeting Thursdays

That’s right – Every Thursday is a deep-work Thursday. Nobody holds meetings with you and nobody demands your time away from focal concentration. You own your 8 hours! Imagine the spike in productivity that you’ll experience. Imagine the freedom of choosing your work as per your time window!


No Agenda Meetings

We hold casual no-agenda meetings once every month. We love talking to each other and getting to know our stories beyond just work. We also enjoy sharing our favorites, be it books or movies. This day of the month is when the entire team of GrowedIn, regardless of which department we belong to, gets together on a 60-minute Zoom call to chit-chat and unwind!


Matched Donations

Contributing to society should form the core of all blessed hearts, believes GrowedIn, firmly. That’s why, if you believe in a cause and wish to donate any amount, then we promise to pledge a matched amount* for the same. After all, real happiness lies in spreading smiles to everyone differently privileged.


Mental Health First

A healthy mind means a happy person. At GrowedIn, we treat our physical health and mental health alike – both need to be at their best for one to live life to the fullest. That’s why we sponsor for each of our team members, 2 sessions of professional therapy support every month. Your health is on us.


Free Entertainment

Want an annual Netflix subscription but don’t want to spend on it? We have you covered. Need Swiggy One facilities for free? We have you covered. We love watching movies and spending on various entertainment channels. So we will ensure you’re in the same boat. Consider your OTT and food delivery apps complimentary.


Bookworm Pro

Find yourself at the best literary freedom with our Bookworm Pro benefit. Every single month, we promise to buy you a book of your choice from the genre you love. We have fallen in love with reading; we know you will too, if not already!

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