Enterprise Plan - GrowedIn’s Formula To Success.

Your digital reputation has the power to transform the pace of your business growth. Our 12-month Enterprise Plan helps you perfect your LinkedIn presence to achieve exactly this. Grow organically, expand your network, build a robust identity, and win the best leads.

Out Of LinkedIn is Out Of Business.

To build a digital presence on LinkedIn that lasts for years without having to put in extravagant effort, you need to ensure that the foundation on which your profile stands is absolute authenticity. Through a detailed LinkedIn strategy, a systematic content plan, and an everyday proven engagement routine, let your brand bloom into a business-fuelling avenue.

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Spend Invest your time.

A strong LinkedIn presence is a non-negotiable for a business leader, but the real catch is time.

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No LinkedIn Personal Brand, Don’t Worry

the exhaustive 12 month strategy You need

Build a well-reputed, well-connected LinkedIn network to leverage digital branding for business growth.

Month 1

Day 0: We discuss an onboarding questionnaire

Day 6: We complete your profile optimisation and first batch of content.

Day 7: Our first feedback meeting will tell us our imperfections.

Day 9: We work on the feedback and improve our work.

*Cyclic For A Month
Month 2

Tuesday: We hold 30-min. content interview calls with you.

Thursday: We submit next week’s content batch in advance.

Monday: We receive your approval on the posts and schedule them.

The 30th: We receive your approval on the posts and schedule them.

Engagement: We receive your approval on the posts and schedule them.

Growth: Strategic relationship management through personalized connection requests to initiate conversations and network expansion.

Branching: Warming up of company profile with weekly posts on business updates, recruitment announcements, and significant milestones.

*Cyclic For A Month
Month 3

Self-Sustenance: Now that we’re aligned, we prepare bulk batches of content.

2nd Thursday: We submit 2 weeks of content at once.

Following Monday: We work on the feedback you gave over the weekend and schedule the posts.

4th Thursday: We submit the next batch. The cycle repeats.

*Cyclic For A Month
Month 7

Sales: Professional targetted outreach through research-based business-centric and persona-oriented InMails via Sales Navigator.

*Cyclic For A Month

Reputation comes first. Relationships second. Business third.

We partner with executives to help them leverage LinkedIn’s potential and build it as a channel for reputation-driven business growth. Take the first step NOW!

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What Makes Us Different?

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High Talent Density

We’re a young team of growth-hungry people. Our creative brains constantly work towards improving not just the quality of your content but also your experience. For us, client success on LinkedIn is a professional success.

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Formulated Approach

We eliminate chaos. Our formula is quite straightforward – We choose systems to reach goal-specific outcomes and align every decision along them.


Feedback Prioritised

There is nothing that an open-minded conversation cannot solve. We believe that the power of implementing constructive feedback can resolve all complaints. We listen, we understand, and we fulfill.

Our Clients Have Worked At

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5.5K+ increase
  • Increased visibility across categories

  • Increased reach across audiences.


Network Expanded

358%+ increase
  • Increased visibility across categories

  • Increased reach across audiences.



290%+ increase
  • Increased visibility across categories

  • Increased reach across audiences.


Leads Generated

358%+ increase
  • Increased visibility across categories

  • Increased reach across audiences.

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What We Offer

Our LinkedIn Optimization Service is designed to transform your profile from ordinary to extraordinary, ensuring you stand out, make an impression, and attract valuable connections.

Personalized Profile Enhancement

  • Our experts will evaluate your current profile, identifying areas that need improvement.
  • We'll work closely with you to craft a compelling summary that tells your unique professional story.
  • Your skills and achievements will be highlighted effectively to build your professional credibility.

Enhanced Visibility

  • We'll optimize your profile for better visibility in LinkedIn search results.
  • By utilizing keywords and strategic elements, your profile will rank higher, making it easier for potential connections to find you.

Customized Image Building

Your profile photo and banner image play a crucial role in making a strong impression. We'll guide you in selecting the right images that convey professionalism.

Networking Best Practices

Learn LinkedIn networking etiquette and strategies for engaging with your connections effectively.

We're not just a 'Ghostwriting Agency.' We're your creative ally, dedicated to manifesting your unique voice and vision through expertly crafted content

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Why Choose GrowedIn’s LinkedIn Optimization Service

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Expert Guidance

We have done the groundwork ourselves. We have handled numerous profiles, posting, observing, analyzing, and learning first-hand.

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Personalized Approach

We know the transformative power of a made-for-you LinkedIn branding strategy. For your specific ambition, exact business, and distinctive personality, we craft a growth chart.

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Constant Connection

The power of implementing constructive feedback can resolve all complaints. For this, you will always have direct channel access to our primary point of contact.

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Track Record

With 10+ successful clients within just 2 years, we can proudly say that our profile optimization and reputation-based LinkedIn branding have brought in higher leads, opportunities, and relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

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