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Best Time To Post On LinkedIn In 2024 [Bonus - Top 3 Scheduling Tools]

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More than 11 million users are posting on LinkedIn in 2024, but only about 1% will reach the topmost positions in terms of reach, engagement, branding, and leads generated. This is because social media platforms like LinkedIn highly depend on 1 factor that is difficult to maintain – consistency.

Consistency in the world of LinkedIn posting can be defined as sticking to the same time and same days of the week every time you post. That is primary; whether you post every other day or only twice a week is secondary.

But how do you choose that “time”? Before we answer this question, there are 2 more important questions to be asked.

Is The “Best Time To Post On LinkedIn” A Myth?

A lot of LinkedIn users ask if there really are “best times” to post on LinkedIn, or if this is merely a myth.

Simply put, it is not. LinkedIn, just like any other social media platform, runs on an algorithm. And algorithms love repetition.

If you perform the same act regularly enough around the same time, then over a few weeks, the algorithm will become trained enough to support your posts at that time. Now, imagine thousands of users posting at some common time during the day. This would imply that the LinkedIn algorithm is going to be most effective and supportive at that time.

That would be the ideal posting time.

Best Time of The Day to Post on LinkedIn

How does this work, though?

The “best” days and time to post on LinkedIn aren’t the same for everyone, but this data does remain constant across industries or niches. This is because as humans, we often think in a like-minded manner to our peers belonging to the same line of work. Most doctors might consider the early morning window of around 7:00 am for LinkedIn. Professionals in the education domain might prefer 10:00 am as a better choice.

The best times to post on LinkedIn reflect those parts of the day when your target audience or preferred engagers are active. These windows of time are when you can attract the most eyeballs and ensure that your content gets the attention it deserves, organically. In fact, it’s not just humans that justify this data point of “best” and “worst” times to post on LinkedIn in 2024 - it’s the LinkedIn algorithm itself. The algorithm boosts your content in these hyperactive time slots.

That’s double the strength of LinkedIn for promoting your post.

The Science of a Well-Performing LinkedIn Post

Should I Post Every Single Day On LinkedIn?

Posting regularly on LinkedIn will prove to be a good habit to follow. But posting regularly does not mean posting every single day. It means posting often, at equal intervals. For example, if you have a LinkedIn management team handling your account, you can try reaching a mark of about 20-22 posts in a month, excluding weekends. Such regularity will keep you reputationally relevant on the platform.

However, posting every day on LinkedIn is not a good strategy if you are doing all the work yourself.

If you’re a CEO, there are a million other high-value tasks that you can give your time and attention to that will generate 10x higher direct returns than LinkedIn will, with a higher rate of guarantee. 

As an executive, posting at the best time on LinkedIn about 3 times a week works well. You stay active enough on the platform and stay visible to your ICP.

Best Time To Post On LinkedIn [Updated As Of March 2024] - Weekly Analysis

Remember that these times are with respect to your local time assuming that your business and your ICP belong to the same timezone. If there is an exception, for example, if you are a business operating in Australia but catering to clients in the US, then it’s best you consider these below timings to be US local time zones. This way, you will be able to reach out to your target audience when they are most active.


11:00 am

Mondays start fresh yet hectic. Business has been waiting since Friday, and when the clock strikes 9 on Monday, it all comes pouring in.

That’s why most businesses prefer to check their LinkedIn feeds a bit later during the morning.

This is why data also shows that 11:00 am is the best time to post on LinkedIn on Monday. It is the most effective time for your post to reach a large audience. More importantly, the right audience.


7:00 am

Because the week’s already begun and the pipeline’s already flowing, professional minds are going to be attacking their workloads on Tuesday. This means that social media can take a back seat. That’s why, it’s best to choose a time early in the morning to complete your posting and let LinkedIn take it up.

As per reports, 7:00 am is the best time to post on LinkedIn on Tuesday, while on a commute to work, if that makes the scenario convenient for you.


Weekly Analysis Heat Map

12:00 pm

Just got off your back-to-back brainstorming sessions in the morning? You’re not the only one. Most companies say that Wednesday is their tightest day, packed with meetings. It all falls into place with LinkedIn also reflecting that most users come to social media to take a breather from work.

That’s why the best time to post on LinkedIn on Wednesday is 12:00 pm, when your ICP is likely to check what’s up just before they break for lunch. This isn’t just for entrepreneurs or C-class leadership roles. Even those wanting to grab the attention of recruiters can make the most of this minute to reach far and wide.


12:00 pm

Work tasks take up most of a Thursday, leaving post-noon sessions open for LinkedIn regulars to catch up. This is the best day to make the most of corporate stories that emotionally engage and educate. That’s why, the best time to post on LinkedIn on Thursday is 12:00 pm, just before you dive into the second half of the day.

CEOs, talk about your worst mistake, your best deal ever, your favorite mentor to date, and your secret recipe for sealing deals in 5 minutes. Post about your resilience. Talk about the future of FinTech. Make Thursdays thought-provoking.


8:00 am

Fun Fridays start with people checking their LinkedIn feeds before their workdays start. Actually, Fridays are known to be great timestamps for clients to close those deals that have been on their radar for quite some time now.

Strange, but definitely strategic.

That’s why, the best time to post on LinkedIn on Friday is 8:00 am. It maximizes your chances of getting leads generated since your clients are probably out there looking for you. You can also utilize this time to send people connection requests because many people might be in the mood to focus on expanding their networks.

Disclaimer: The above time windows are purely based on data. However, the most important practice is to choose any time convenient for you and stick to it every time you post. You can choose to post at 10:00 am every single time, and as long as you prove to be active at that time on the platform, it is the best time to post on LinkedIn for you.

Should You Post On LinkedIn On Weekends?

Ideally, no.

LinkedIn on the weekends is lazy.

Posts reach fewer accounts, people don’t actively engage as much, and technical thought-inducing content dies soon.

Weekends must be reserved for slow, engaging, emotional, soft-launch stories. Rewinding from the stressful corporate week that just passed, employees might take their weekends easy. People usually look for no-brainer, non-educational content during these days.

That’s why a picture of your dog at the park might rank higher than a bulletin on why digital transformation is the way ahead.

You can post on weekends occasionally, but it’s best to keep it independent of your content strategy.

The best time to post on LinkedIn during the weekends can be considered from about 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

Disclaimer: It is worth mentioning again that these timings are the averaged-out data points. Ultimately what matters is whether you are consistent with whatever time you choose.

The Worst Times To Post On LinkedIn In 2024

Simply put, the worst times to post on LinkedIn are those when your ICP is most likely to ignore your activity.

The worst time to post is typically during non-business hours, like from 10 pm to 5 am (bedtime). In fact, data will show that any posting time beyond 8-9 pm should not be preferred since your post will remain on active feeds only till an hour after posting. This means that the lifetime of your post will decrease.

The lifetime of a LinkedIn post is the countdown to its expiry. After being published, engagement on a post stays active for about an hour. As time passes, the chances of the post topping on your connections’ feed lowers exponentially. By the 12th hour, your post is almost forgotten. This holds true for most content, except hiring posts, since they remain active through constant sharing from connection to connection.

Worst Times to Post on LinkedIn

That’s why, the worst times to post on LinkedIn to post are:

  • After 10:00 pm
  • Before 5:00 am
  • Between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm

Bonus: Top 3 LinkedIn Scheduling Tools

To maintain your posting consistency on LinkedIn, it’s best to take the help of an automated scheduling tool for publishing your posts. You can address the comments and requests at your own convenience any other time during the day.

Top 3 LinkedIn Scheduling Tools

Here are our top 3 choices:

  1. Publer: With Publer, you don’t need to worry about missing the publication of your post at the time you have chosen. If you decide that 10:30 am is the best time to post on LinkedIn for you, put up your posts on Publer and set that time. Plus, it also helps you schedule the first comment on your LinkedIn post in advance.

    In fact at GrowedIn, Publer has proven to be the best scheduling and comment-originating tool that can also kickstart comments.
  1. Buffer: Buffer is the simpler version of Publer in many senses. It is a basic, easy-to-use tool that helps you maintain your posting time, but doesn’t allow intiating engagement through the first comment.
  1. Taplio: Taplio is a level ahead – it also lets you generate content for your posts through AI. However, if you really want your posts to make a difference in your marketing strategy, we suggest you have them written and not generated.


While there are best and worst times to post on LinkedIn in 2024, it is essential to remember that at the end of the day, consistency matters more than punctuality to the times mentioned above. Pick a time of the morning that suits your work schedule best and constantly show up on LinkedIn. That will make a huge difference in post visibility and reach of content. The “best” time to post on LinkedIn can only be a suggestion, not a rule. Experiment around to figure out what works best for you and your profile.

We partner with executives to help them leverage LinkedIn’s potential and build it as a channel for reputation-driven business growth. If you’d like to discuss LinkedIn branding for your profile, you can schedule a call with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When to post on LinkedIn?

You should decide your LinkedIn posting time according to your niche and vision on the platform. Posting during early mornings or evenings (local time) will get you the best visibility.

  1. What if I miss posting during the best time?

It’s okay if you miss posting exactly at the best times on a couple of days in a month. Overall, you should maintain consistent posting to make the most of your content strategy. If you don’t want to miss posting altogether, it is completely alright to post (once in a while) a few hours into the afternoon. After all, posting at any time is better than not posting at all.

  1. Does deleting a post have any best time?

No, the best practice is to immediately take down a post that you find inappropriate, erroneous, misleading, or violating any of the LinkedIn guidelines. The less time it spends on the platform, the better.

  1. Can I edit my content after posting?

If you wish to edit your content after posting, wait for the first 60 minutes. The first hour is considered to be the highest engagement window. Making any changes to your post during this time can affect its visibility.

  1. Does using a tool affect my post?

No. Scheduling tools maintain posting consistency throughout your tenure on LinkedIn and can boost your visibility. The most important practice to maintain is your constant presence on the platform. You need not worry about using external tools to schedule your posts if manually ensuring at-the-dot posting gets challenging.

  1. How strict is posting on time?

5 minutes here and there work, but ideally, you would want to hit the minute.

  1. Why does the algorithm depend on people for the best time?

The algorithm is mostly run by repetitive data collection and analysis. Whenever most users are online and active, the algorithm also considers that time window to be the most active. At the end of the day, the algorithm only wants users to spend more time on the platform.

  1. How can I ensure posting during the best time?

You can inculcate posting times during your routine. Set a reminder when you are on your morning commute to work. Make it a habit to post just before your first meeting of the day. Even better, try to schedule your posts if you know an upcoming networking event will occupy your best time windows.

Best Time To Post On LinkedIn In 2024 [Bonus - Top 3 Scheduling Tools]

The best time to post on LinkedIn in 2024 depends on your target audience’s activity and the LinkedIn algorithm. Read more to know the exact timings.

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